"illegal immigration puppet show (choose-your-own-adventure)"

for my sociology class, i had to make an educational activity for theoretical six-year-olds to teach them the concept of illegal immigration.

i think all i ended up doing was teach them about burritos and bad mexican accents.

this was all done from conception to final product in about 24 hours with very little effort involved, though i presented it to my class as a “big budget” production with “highly seasoned child-training professionals” and “the most excellent of voice artists and puppeteers.”

there’s 4 parts. you choose the puppets’ destinies (as long as you have youtube annotations on). but there’s a right answer and a wrong answer for each scenario… choose wisely ;)

thanks to my amigos gabe, ryan, nicole, and cosette for helping me throw up stereotypes in front of flaming cityscapes drawn in crayon.

enjoy the editing.

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